Our project

We are Paul and Noé, two French business school students. Many great ecological solutions exist around the world, but you rarely hear of them. These innovations could affect the world right now ! That’s why spreading their ideas will be our main objective. We will go meet them around the world, starting from January 2020 !

Concretely, we will go see these innovations and put together specific content on each solution and on singular parts of our journey :

  • every 10 days, a video on a specific solution, featuring interviews and explanations on complex notions
  • many feature articles to explain the pressing ecological problem they solve.

These innovations are labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation, on the grounds that they are beneficial both for the environment and the economy. You can find the full list here.

As for us, we selected 15 innovations to cover a large range of topics : energy, cooking, buildings, naval transportation, etc. Our journey will take us accross 9 countries in 6 months. Here is our planned itinerary :

We plan to take as few planes as possible and favor green transportation. Every required plane trip will be compensated through the carbon offset principle. It means that the carbon emissions produced by our journey will be mitigated by investing in projects that aim at absorbing them, such as planting and developing forests.

We will heavily document our trip, through our videos, photos, articles and various social media posts. Here are a few ways to follow us and get in touch :

  • regular publications (videos, articles) and highlights of our journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages,
  • or you can go check other parts of this website (in French) !

To make this journey possible, we opened a Leetchi pot. We need funding primarily for :

  • transportation costs (plane and land, visas…),
  • video hardware (handheld cameras, microphones) and editing software,
  • food and accomodation.

Any kind of help (donations, accommodation tips, etc.) is appreciated 🙂

If you have any questions, please contact us at solutionsreporters@gmail.com ! 😉

Check out our presentation video here !